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‘We are proud to work with Hybrid Heating Systems who have a comprehensive range of Glow-worm products to meet the needs of the homeowner.  Hybrid Heating Systems offer their customers an excellent, no nonsense 24/7 service and  deliver high quality MCS accredited installations utilising a national network of experienced installers; many of which have been trained by Glow-worm in our Centres of Excellence.’

Simon Brown, Regional Sales Manager, Glow-Worm

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Video Case study of a 14kW Glow-worm Universal Hybrid Air Source Heat Pump installation into a LPG central heating system - Click Here

Acerage Yearly UK Rural Temperatures

Met office records show the average winter daytime temperature across the UK is not as cold as most people imagine and is in fact between 5 – 10 degrees centigrade. At these temperatures an Air Source Heat Pump will perform at a COP value of between 3.5 – 4.5 so highly efficient.

Hybrid Heating Systems Simply Explained.

Save With Hybrid HeatingThe most cost effective solution for larger homes when a heat pump may not be powerful enough on its own is to retain your existing boiler as a backup to provide supplementary heat on those occasions when the load requirement may be slightly above the Heat Pumps capacity.

This process is managed by advanced programming to run the existing boiler when needed to top up the heating circuit water temperature in periods of exceptionally high demand but in most circumstances will supply less than 10% of the overall heating requirement.

For very large properties (6 Bedrooms and above) it can make economic sense to install a hybrid system to meet the demanding needs of 100% home heating and hot water in situations where a very large Heat Pump maybe impractical due to any of the following conditions:

1)      Inadequate electricity supply for larger heat pumps

2)      Tariff subsidy won’t cover the capital outlay for a much larger heat pump

3)      The cost of suitable domestic heat pumps above 16kw is impractical

4)      Home owner wishes to retain the existing boiler as a backup

5)      Insufficient space to locate a very large heat pump

The Hybrid Heating Way!

The Hybrid system allows the specification and installation of a lower cost heat pump capable of supplying most of the Heat required with minimal firing of the existing boiler. Working this way “The Hybrid Way” the cost of supply and installation of an Air Source Heat Pump is greatly reduced and the existing oil boiler will use approximately 90-95% less than when heating your entire home providing substantial savings against the high cost of fossil fuels.

Additional insulation and double glazing can be added to your property at your convenience and within a managed budget to gradually reduce the heat load of your property over a period of time, further reducing the need for your backup boiler in a controlled manner.

By adopting the Hybrid philosophy you have the best of both worlds, you have 2 boilers so in the event either fails or is being serviced the other unit can continue running your home.

In today’s environmentally conscious market there has been a significant increase in those that are seeking viable alternatives to burning fossil fuels.
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